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Our Story

At Z Games, we have one goal, and one passion: to have fun, and to turn that fun into top-notch games played by hundreds of millions of players around the world. Since our founding in 2012, we have worked to take that passion and build a company culture around it.
When it comes down to it, we believe that a great team is a product of two things: raw talent, and a great working environment. The better our team and our environment, the better our games. And the better our games, the more time and energy we can then invest in even further improving our company.
So, how have we done this? Basically, we’ve focused on some key factors we believe directly affect our company, and therefore the games we create open communication, encouraging constant data-driven iteration and innovation, pushing our teams to collaborate and learn from each other, and working hard in a fun, creative, comfortable environment. This has allowed us to build great games, to maintain a top-notch team, and to bring our games to the world. After all, we’re in the business of creating enjoyable, fulfilling titles - shouldn’t our team be happy fulfilled, too?

Oyun Geliştiricileri
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Ultimate Car Simulator 2022

10 Jan 2021

Outlaws - Dirt Track Racing 3

30 Jan 2020

Monkey Run

25 Feb 2020

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